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Missing Person Investigations

Missing person investigations can be complicated affairs and that's why our service is based around steady communication with the customer and a diligence that leaves no stone unturned in our search for the missing person. Many people think of missing persons investigations involving strictly loved ones and kidnappings but that's not always the case. Many of our customers come to us looking for debtors, witnesses, someone for a court matter or even lost friends. Regardless of the matter though we use the same thorough formula when searching for people. We also keep in mind a few salient points with all our investigations.

Firstly, that going missing itself is not a crime, certainly the situation that surrounds a disappearance can involve criminal activity or misconduct but it is important to remember that the missing is perceived from those trying to find the person not the target themselves.

Secondly, there are 35,000 people reported missing in Australia every year, that's around about one every 15 minutes. Of that total, 20,000 are under the age of 18.

Statistics for the last ten years show that about 95% of all missing persons cases are found within a short period of time. That is to say that the great majority of missing persons cases are resolved within a few days or weeks. Not all people are found though and there are over 1,500 long-term missing persons (over 3 months) cases each year. If you are looking for someone, whatever the reason give us a call. In the last 13+ years we have conducted hundreds of successful searches not only in the Gold Coast and throughout Queensland but also across Australia and throughout the globe. Our network of detectives is expansive and highly skilled.

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Bug Sweeping

Bug sweeping is not a commonly discussed investigative procedure. In fact many people are unsure what to do when confronted with suspected illegal surveillance activities. Some businesses forget that a threat from the inside is one of the biggest security challenges that face Australian businesses. That doesn't just mean your staff stealing company secrets it can also mean your internal communication systems and infrastructure have been tapped and are being tracked.

At the moment, popular illegal surveillance techniques include things like GPS vehicle trackers, video cameras and listening devices concealed in your car. All of these are designed to track and observe you in ways you wouldn't consider possible or relevant.

The ideal way to manage security threats is to pre-empt them with regular bug sweeping and checks or at the very least a thorough scan before crucial meetings or events. Of course many businesses and individuals don't think of this and thus are only aware when they become suspicious based on the actions or information gathered from others. In this case you need to conduct a full bug sweep and check straight away.

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Background Checks

These checks are largely routine procedures but they require a diligent and thorough approach, bringing all things of potential concern to light so that you, your company or the police and legal system can make the right decisions. These investigations can involve tailing the suspect and their contacts, online investigations, criminal history checks and using other industry contacts and subscriptions.

"Our investigators follow every lead in their search for information about a target."

All of our work is submitted in a detailed and conclusive report at the end of the investigation. Whatever we uncover will make it to your hands in an easily consumable and detailed format. More importantly we always deliver within the time agreed on. You will never have to wait longer than the stipulated time for the information. We have a network of investigators across Australia and indeed the globe. Our government licensed, experienced and highly trained private investigators can conduct background checks for you wherever you may want to search.

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Workcover Investigations

Qld Covert Investigations provides a discreet and professional WorkCover investigation service. If you suspect that one of your employees is receiving WorkCover benefits dishonestly or maybe you think the excess or claim is too high, then call us to investigate the situation for you. The first step in understanding whether to proceed or not is to realise that any manipulation of the WorkCover benefits scheme is fraud. There are many ways a worker may illegally attempt to manipulate the system to their advantage.

Firstly, they may simply provide false information with respect to a Worker's Compensation claim. This is more common than you may think and is still fraud. Other potential methods of rorting the system include modifying or altering a medical certificate to obtain compensation, claiming for an injury that never happened, claiming WorkCover for "said" work but then performing the same or similar activities outside of work (e.g. sport). Finally, the most devious example of Worker's Compensation is when a worker is claiming WorkCover but is actually working somewhere else in the same type of work and earning an income for it. In all of these instances a professional, discreet and thorough investigator is needed to get to the truth while not alerting the suspect of any ongoing investigation.

We often need to provide court worthy evidence and as such we will provide time and date stamped images and high quality videos when needed. We also abide by all the various acts and policies that protect the worker in these investigative situations. Whether it's not breaching the invasion of privacy act or adhering to the Commonwealth of Australia Covert Surveillance Guidelines, you can rest easy knowing your investigation will be conducted well above the law and scrutiny.